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When I came back home from school, on my agenda I usually had written something like “For Wednesday …” and a drawing accompanying the gap that left my incomplete sentence. My aunt Consuelo usually said: this child will not be a doctor, nor an engineer, but he will become someone important.

In the meantime of “becoming someone important” I started to go to the cinema like crazy. And that’s how it all began…
I enrolled in a film school for children when I was still a kiddo and directed my first feature film when I was 19 years old. Am I proud of it? Yes. Would I ever watch it again? Nope.

Since at home I had to get a degree to continue living under a roof and on a set table, I got three: two Bachelor’s degrees and a Master’s. Was I therefore already someone important? No, but the titles looked good on the wall of my bedroom.

During this time of studies, I became an expert in asking for a lot in exchange for a little, and thanks to that I shot several short films that took me to travel through Festivals all over the world. I won prizes that made me feel pretty good, but know are collecting dust and don’t leave much space for my self-help books.

Except for working as a stripper, I did everything else to save and be able to pay for my projects that were getting more and more ambitious and less profitable, every time.

I got a scholarship to study my last Directing Master’s in Los Angeles, at the Art Center College of Design where I ended up living for three years. It was there, where I opened the Pandora box of advertising and worked in fashion and automotive projects.

Upon returning to Spain, I started working in commercials and have enjoyed myself every day after. I don’t know if my aunt Consuelo considers I’m “someone important” already, but I’ve managed to be where I want to be and doing what I like the most, and that’s priceless, for everything else there’s Mastercard.

By the way, I’m from Madrid, Spain and was born in 1990. Depending on the weather, I feel I belong more in the eighties.



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